The investigation of the alleged maltreatment of the Philippine Ambassador to Brazil Marichu Mauro gets a nod from the president.

The Department of Foreign Affairs will be the one to conduct an investigation on the case of Mauro who allegedly maltreated a Filipino domestic worker in Brazil. The ‘maltreatment’ was even caught in a series of videos.

But for the sister of the maltreated OFW, the Philippine Ambassador deserves to be jailed.

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“Sabi ko po grabe naman, bakit ginanyan mo kapatid ko? Pareho naman kayong Pinoy, kawawa naman,” says the sister of the Filipina housemaid.

According to the sister of the victim, the OFW once said that the treatment of the Ambassador to her is not so good. Aside from the physical maltreatment, the Filipina victim is also not allowed to use her mobile phone. She is also not allowed to go out of the official residence of Mauro.

Supposed to be, the OFW will return home last April but her work there got extended. Even the passport is not with the victim, making it so hard for her to escape from her employer.

The family of the victim was really hurt because of the incident that they witnessed. And because the victim is naturally kind-hearted, her family knows that she will not defend herself despite the beatings she received.

The family of the victim demands justice for the 51-year-old victim.

“Kawawa naman ‘yung kapatid ko ginaganyan niya. Dapat siyang makulong, wala siyang awa,” says the sister of the victim.

The Ambassador remains mum on the issue.

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