Thousands of Filipinos in United States with overstaying status are facing deportation, as confirmed by Jose Manuel Romualdez, Philippine Ambassador to the US.

“There are about 350,000 Filipino who have been overstaying here in the United States [who] are on hold,” says the Philippine Ambassador his latest interview.

“They’re in court right now, deportation court.”

But amidst the huge number of overstaying Filipinos in the US, Romualdez is positive that the Filipino community still has a “very good image”.

“We are known as good workers and so, quite honestly, both Democrats and the Republicans have been very kind to a certain extent to Filipinos,” says the Ambassador.

He added that there is only very little Filipinos in the US getting themselves involved in any types of crimes. Romualdez also pointed out that there are a lot of Filipinos in the US who are serving in the frontline amidst the battle of COVID-19. The country currency has the highest number of cases all over the world.

“They are very much appreciated,” says the ambassador. “When I speak with many of the US senators, both Democrats and Republicans, we don’t agree on many issues that they throw our way, but we end up agreeing on one thing: They like the Filipino community here in the United States.”

Source GlobalNation 

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