What will you feel if you see your wife kissing another man?

The most common problem among Filipinos abroad is getting tempted because they are away from their spouse or partners. This situation is not isolated in one case or two. The number keeps on growing and has reached an alarming state.

Another couple is thinking of parting ways because of the malicious photos seen by the husband.

Image from Raffy Tulfo In Action

Pepito Caballes went to Raffy Tulfo to ask for help over his cheating wife whose intimate photos were sent to him. Sweetlove Alcansado is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who went to Saudi Arabia to provide a better life for her family and parents.

However, the supposed better life turned out to be a disaster when she got tempted to get in a relationship with a foreign man while working abroad.

Sweetlove admitted that she committed a huge mistake but confirmed that this happened a long time ago and that she is sorry for what she did.

Image from Raffy Tulfo In Action

But her husband couldn’t accept the fact that her wife had a relationship with another man. He wanted her to get deported and imprisoned in the Philippines.

Being so complicated, Raffy Tulfo gave them time to speak to each other and try to fix their issues. According to the known TV personality, these problems also affect him so much because his heart goes to the OFWs who are forced to work abroad because the salary in the Philippines is much lower than in other countries.

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