There are really those employers who treat their domestic helpers less like a human. Although not all since there are still a lot of Filipino domestic helpers who are lucky enough to work with kind-hearted employers, there are also those who never hesitate to beat their workers.

Just like the one seen in this video.

A video of a Filipina domestic helper being beaten by her employer is circulated online. The domestic helper was beaten badly by her employer.

In a video that will surely serve as very good evidence if the worker decides to file a case against her employer, the Filipina can be seen hiding inside her room while her male employer knocks hardly on the door.

After a while, the Filipina decided to open the door. She was greeted by her angry employer who kept on asking about her mobile phone. It seems like the employer wants to confiscate the mobile phone of the Filipina for unknown reasons.

Refusing to give her a mobile phone, the employer started to punch, beat, and kick the poor domestic helper who cried loudly. The attack was followed countless times despite the efforts of two women to halt the attack.

The Filipina couldn’t do anything but to give her a mobile phone while the other one is recording the entire incident. After the attack, the woman was detained inside her room.

There is still no news as to the current situation of the Filipina in the video

See the full video below


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