Another Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) fell into the hands of the abusive and heartless employer.

Most of the time, when an OFW arrives in the Philippines, they would usually bring imported goods such as chocolates, clothes, and shoes. However, some OFWs, already consider it fortunate if they can still return home alive after experiencing painful incidents caused by their employers.

Rosalie Facun Grande, 36-years old, from Paniqui, Tarlac worked as a domestic helper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. When she arrived back in the Philippines on November 8, she was full of bruises, burn marks, and wounds all over her body.

Rosalie had a bruise on her head, burn marks on her hands because her employer won’t allow her to use gloves whenever she applies muriatic acid into the toilet, part of her back was also burned because her employer poured boiling water in it, another burned mark was found on her arm because her employer burned it using a hot iron. Lastly, her waist is aching because her employer kicked her as she was about to enter an elevator.

On top of that, Rosalie didn’t have any money. She had a passport.

According to Rosalie, in her first two years of work, she had no problems with her Jordanian employers identified as Hanadi Aljitan, 50 years old and Mustafa Ali Abughaban, 60 years old and CEO of a huge company in UAE. The Filipina felt lucky at first because she only has two employers since the children of this couple are studying in the United States. Her salary is DH1,500 (approx. PhP19,670).

However, everything changed during the pandemic. When Rosalie’s employers had to do work from home unlike before that they only return home every night. Rosalie didn’t just suffer from physical abuse but emotional abuse as well.

There was one time when her employer called her an animal and not human. All her agony was perpetuated by her female employer only and her male employer couldn’t stand to defend her because he is overpowered by his wife.

Soon, Rosalie pleaded to return home and her male employer agreed to it and gave her a plane ticket. When she arrived in the Philippines, Tarlac Mayor Leonardo Max Roxas and Vice Mayor Bien Roxas found out about the harsh faith of the Filipina. They offered to give PhP100k cash assistance to the poor OFW so she can start a small business to support her family. This cash assistance was even from the personal pocket of the mayor and vice mayor and not from the LGU.

They also sent the Filipina to the hospital for a check-up and to properly give her the medical assistance that she needs. They also promised to help the Filipina obtain the justice she deserves from the hands of her employers.

Vice Mayor Bien also asked someone to help Rosalie start her business right out of the money she received from them.

“Isang hayop ang amo ni Rosalie. Hindi ito tao kundi isang demonyo,” Mayor Roxas angrily said.

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