Sunday is supposed to be a day to unwind and free our Filipino workers in Hong Kong from all the whole week of stress and work. However, this stress-free day turned out to be full of misunderstanding which leads to physical confrontation.

In a YouTube video which is being circulated online, people are gathered at Tamar Park Admiralty in Hong Kong, a famous destination for OFWs who wants to relax on their day off, two women engaged in a physical confrontation in the midst of the crowd.

They are both Filipino. In the video, they can be seen pulling each other’s hair, refusing to let go. Other Filipino women started to gather around to help and the two finally parted.

The other Filipina still managed to throw hurtful words against the other Filipina.

The cause of the confrontation remains unknown.

This is not the first time that Filipinos got involved in a fight while in a public place. Last month, it can be recalled that a group of Filipina fought against each other just because of a small space in an overpass, where they can rest and be with their friends.

See full video below


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