A pregnant OFW on board a flight from Dubai to the Philippines unexpectedly gave birth while inside the aircraft.

According to GMA News, the OFW successfully gave birth to her child after being assisted by two nurses who were fortunately on the same flight.

Upon their arrival in the Philippines, they were handed over to the medical team to make sure they are given the best care possible. Currently, it is reported that the mother and baby and both in good condition.

This is not the first time that such an incident happened while onboard an aircraft.

In a similar incident, another OFW gave birth to a bouncing baby boy amid her flight from Dubai to Manila. It was the airplane crew who assisted her in the delivery of her child.

Last August, another OFW unexpectedly gave birth inside an airport. Through the help of a coast guard officer, the woman gave birth peacefully to her child.

In most airlines, they are allowing pregnant passengers to board their aircraft as long as they are yet to reach 37 weeks of pregnancy or 32 weeks if you are expecting twin babies or more. Boarding an aircraft will not harm your unborn child.

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