An American citizen was left without a choice but to sleep at the arrivals area of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 because he doesn’t have money to buy a plane ticket to go back to his country.

The NAIA Terminal 1 became the home of 75-year-old Maurice Francis O’Connor. But before he went to the airport, he usually sleeps on the sidewalk.

According to Maurice, he went in and outside the country for two years. But recently, when he went to the bank, the name in the account where he supposedly receives his pension from the United States was changed.

“I showed my identification, I showed a number. They said we can’t give it to you sir, account is not in your name. That means I get money going to another person not in my name,” says O’Connor.

He thinks that he was scammed but didn’t give many details about it. And because he doesn’t have anything to eat, the airport staff and the janitor give him food.

“Pag meron nag-aabot ng pangkape, kain. Nakakaawa, parang lolo ko na,” says John Mark Davis, a janitor in the airport who helped the foreigner.

O’Connor hopes that his friends in the US will help him. But according to the Bureau of Immigration, the US Embassy should be the one to help O’Connor.

According to reports, the American has deteriorating mental health. But officials from the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) are extending their help to O’Connor who claims to be a Vietnam War Veteran.

Through a friend who went to see him at the airport, he was able to talk to his child in the US.

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