An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) went to Raffy Tulfo’s show “Idol in Action’ to ask for help over his girlfriend who allegedly fooled him.

Emerson Navarro gave two cars and lots of money to his girlfriend Yolanda Buhia but she still managed to fool him and left him for someone else.

According to Emerson, they were supposed to get married but Yolanda asked for a simple wedding and a car. But their wedding was put to stop when the OFW found out that his girlfriend is cheating on him.

Aside from the car, Emerson often gives money to Yolanda which she uses to provide for her family. The OFW was supposed to return to the Philippines for good but it was put to a halt because almost all his income was sent to his girlfriend.

When Raffy Tulfo asked Yolanda, she is willing to return the car to Emerson but it would be too difficult to return the money that he sent her. According to Yolanda, the money which she received from her ex-boyfriend was something he gave to her. She didn’t expect that it will be like a debt that should be returned when their relationship went sour.

According to Yolanda, she also lost her job because of the shame that Emerson brought to her when he reached the help of Raffy Tulfo.

Despite that, Yolanda asked the forgiveness of Emerson and promised to return the car and slowly pay the money that he gave her when she finds a new job.

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