Different things happen when a couple goes into a long-distance relationship. For OFWs, it is either the wife who cheats abroad or the husband who cheats in the Philippines, and vice versa. This circumstance has been proven by the growing number of couples going in separate ways. As unfortunate as it seems, the ones who will be affected the most are their children who will grow without a complete and happy family.

In a video that was posted on Facebook, a confrontation was happening between two women. The woman inside the car was found seeing another man while being married in the Philippines.

The other woman was really angry and threaten to call the police.

There’s also another person inside the car, a man who is said to be the lover of the Filipina. The identities of the people involved were not mentioned but the face of the man was clearly visible while the woman hides her face and wore a face mask.

Netizens were keen to comment on the video, stating their thoughts about the illicit affairs of the Filipina.

“Dapat lang… Murahin yan babae,, hindi ka nag abroad para makipag relasyon sa ibang lahi. nag abroad ka para sa family mo dito pinas.. Dapat ipakulong yan babae,” says one netizen.

In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for a woman to have physical contact with a man, much more if he/she is married in their hometown.


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