The story of a returning OFW being victimized by scammers in the airport is not a new story. Therefore, the airport officials are doing their best to curb such incidents and keep OFWs from becoming the prey of these scammers.

But what’s shocking is that the scamming activities still continue up to this day and most of these incidents involve taxi drivers overcharging OFWs and forcing them to pay a very high fare when they arrive at their destination.

Recently, another similar case was reported at the Manila International Airport Authority-Police Intelligence and Investigation Division (MIAA-PIID).

Earl Buna just arrived in the Philippines for a vacation as he works as a seaman. He rode a white taxi which was driven by Ramon Go and requested to take him to Makati City.

Unfortunately, the victim didn’t notice that the taxi meter was not running. Right then, he was charged with P1,200 as he reached his destination.

Confident that he was definitely scammed, Buna refused to pay the amount as he believes that it was too much from Andrews Avenue going to Makati City. But his protest is fruitless and was forced to pay the fare. But the OFW filed a complaint against the cab driver and even posted the incident on Facebook to raise awareness against the perpetrator.

Through the help of MIAA-PIID Jesus Ducusin, an operation was held to arrest the taxi driver. He admitted to overcharging and offered to return the money.

The OFW accepted the money and due to ‘humanitarian reasons’, he decided not to file charges against the taxi driver.

Source MB.COM


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