The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait gave in several terms upon their endorsement of labor contracts when it comes to recruiting Filipino workers. In the contract, the employer of Filipino workers must be at least KD2,500 (PhP398,721) to ensure the financial rights of the employees.

It has been a while since the Philippine embassy resumed its operations when it comes to recruiting contracts of Filipino domestic workers and their prospective clients who are living in Kuwait. Employers must meet the stipulation requirement to avoid compromising the salaries of their employees.

Included in the stipulation requirement is the monthly minimum salary amounting to KD2,500, a work permit written in English and came from the Public Authority for Manpower as well as a pledge of the owner of the recruitment agency promising that they will pay the worker’s salary if the employer goes to violate the stipulation on the contract.

In this way, the rights of Filipino domestic works will be protected and the problems encountered before will not reappear now. It can be recalled that the Philippines imposed a ban on domestic workers in 2020 because of a case of sexual abuse and the killing of a domestic worker by her employer.

Source GulfNews


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