Most of the time, we hear men getting involved with another woman even though they are married or in a relationship. However, there are still instances in which women are the ones that commit infidelity and ruins a relationship without second thoughts.

In a video that was posted online, three men were fighting for a Filipina girl. It is said that they were boyfriends of the Filipina and they had a confrontation because they met together in one place.

The argument escalated and one man tried to punch the other. While the woman just left the scene and rode a taxi. It is not clear what brought them together or the identity of the Filipina. But the incident took place in a Muslim country, which is known to implement strict rules when it comes to men and women having a relationship. More so, if there is infidelity involved.

This should serve as a reminder to all Overseas Filipino Workers to not get themselves involved in unnecessary troubles that could threaten their jobs and their lives in another country.

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