Just like winning a lottery, the life of an Overseas Filipino Worker in Hong Kong turned 360 degrees when she inherited the property of her senior citizen employer which cost millions of pesos.

According to Daisy Bucad-Eng, she was still 16 years old when she got pregnant. To sustain the needs of her child, Daisy sold salt.

But because the earnings that she acquired from selling salt aren’t enough for their needs, Daisy decided to work abroad just like her neighbor.

The Mountain Province native decided to work in Hong Kong as a domestic helper. However, on her first employer, Daisy’s situation isn’t very favorable. She was overworked and only allowed to rest for two hours.

Daisy was also worried about her children in the Philippines who are said to be roaming in the streets.

Later in, Daisy shifted to another employer who is a Portuguese senior citizen named Marie. The salary of Daisy was only P2,700 back then.

Although the salary is not high, Marie treated Daisy kindly. When Marie refused to live at a home for the aged in Hong Kong, she went to the Philippines with Daisy.

In 2002, Marie died due to an illness when she was in the Philippines. Then one day, Daisy received a letter from one of the relatives of Marie saying that she is included in the last will of testament of her deceased employer.

For the 11 long years of service to Marie, Daisy received several properties like an apartment building and stocks which costs millions.

“Sa mga OFW na naghihirap man kayo ngayon be patience and harwork are the key to sucess,” says Daisy.

“The overall denominatior ng lahat ng ito ay yung honesty. Kung anumang trabaho ang meron ka diyan gawin mo na nang tama.”

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