A Filipina single mother has become the latest victim of a love scam in Hong Kong.

Sol D. from Davao City lost $10,000 to a man whom she met in a dating site called Encore. The man identified himself as Dennise Robert Philips.

Sol is a religious person and has found a man with the same belief as her, the Filipina domestic helper immediately found herself getting along well with him.

“Kristiyano ako, Kristiyano sya at nangangailangan, bakit hindi ko siya tutulungan?” says Sol. The man claimed that he is an American businessman stationed in Hong Kong for five years. Dennise attracted Sol with his kind and religious words. He often had frequent references to God and loves his eight-year-old daughter whom he referred to as his world. He also claimed to have been divorced for six years.

“I need to give my daughter the perfect attention, and she’s super excited to come in (sic) Hong Kong,” Sol relates what the man had said.

The Filipina even had a video call with the said man and she confirmed that the image he posted on Encore is the same as his appearance. Dennise claimed that he will be flying to the United States to get her daughter after obtaining full custody of her.

However, the man started to ask for money from Sol stating different stories which made Sol feel pity. From being stuck to the airport to being stuck in the hotel room after finding out that he left his cards in Hong Kong, the man had multiple ways to extort money from the Filipina. It was only when he said that Sol needed to take a loan that she was convinced that she was scammed.

Sol told the guy that she can’t take a loan because she hadn’t made one all her life. The man got really angry. Soon, Sol asked the man the pay him but he was nowhere to be found.

Sol already reported the incident to the local police.

Source SubwebHK


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