A Filipino worker is asking for help after his employer accused him of giving alcoholic drinks to other men which eventually led to a commotion.

In a Facebook post, Presley Quilala Gapas feared for his safety because of his employer’s recent behavior.

According to Gapas, he was already sleeping around 9:30 in the evening when his employer went into his room and took all his jewelry. They also took his money.

His employer also managed to destroy his luggage and took his gold-plated Seiko watch. Even his important travel documents like passport and iqama were taken from him.

The reason for this is that a commotion broke out involving other men and he was accused of giving them alcoholic drinks which they think is the reason why those men fought.

Gapas denied that he was the one who gave the alcoholic drinks. But he couldn’t do anything as his employer is firm with his beliefs.

He is afraid of fighting against the injustice that he received because he knows that it’s easy for them to call the police and make him go to prison.

Gapas is appealing for help. He wants to escape from his employer as soon as possible before something worst happens.

Gapas worked for the same employer for 11 years.


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