One of the dreams of every OFW is to have a house that they can call their own. But with the increase of prices in acquiring houses and lot, it may be difficult for OFWs to have one for their family.

In a recent video posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action, an OFW mother was accused of not supporting her five children in the Philippines.

In the interview, according to Jerald Reondangga, the eldest child of OFW Bernadette Daquel Montaniel, their mother is not supporting them enough to buy their needs.

Jerald also compared his mother to other parents who are working inside the country who can provide more support than their OFW mother.

But all these accusations were denied by Bernadette. According to her, she is constantly sending remittance to her children, leaving nothing for herself despite all the hardships that she had to go through for being a domestic worker in Bahrain.

According to Bernadette, she doesn’t have savings because she gave everything she have to her children to support not just their basic needs but some of their wants like mobile phones. She remits P10,000 every month to her children.

Bernadette argued that being a domestic helper abroad doesn’t pay much and that she also pays for other stuff like the motorcycle that she bought for her children. She also has a mother to support and that adds up to their expenses.

The OFW was broken-hearted upon knowing that her children had to take their problem to the media when it was supposedly a family affair, something that can be resolved without involving other people.

In the end, Jerald confessed that he actually got jealous of other mothers who can provide a decent home for their children. According to Bernadette, what he is asking is too much. Considering the salary that she is receiving every month and the expenses of the family that she needs to shoulder, it is impossible to acquire a house as soon as possible.

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